Starting At The Beginning

How Whiskey Crawler Got It's Start

Travis Platt knows firsthand that design drives success. With an extensive background in printing and branding, Platt and co-founder Hayley Milburn built Whiskey Crawler on a solid foundation of print and design. A shared passion for helping organizations succeed propelled Whiskey Crawler Creative to add content creation and marketing to our line of services. Print and Branding was only half of the challenges for businesses. The other half called for the touches that only a boutique creative agency could provide.

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Boutique Creative Agency Peoria
Who We Are

What is a Boutique Creative Agency?

A boutique creative agency is often described as a high-end solution for strategy and design. This is partly true in our case too. I say partly, because yes, we do offer some pretty cool and uncommon high-end print and finishes. However, this wouldn't be what we choose to hang our hat on. We are focused on bringing the right product or service to our client's projects, not the most expensive. We call ourselves a boutique creative agency because we are a small team of specialists that work together to flush out what your company really means to you. Then we design a brand and package the perfect content to tell that story to the world. The passion for this bespoke level of service and attention is what drove us to create Whiskey Crawler Creative.

What's In A Name

How We Got Our Name

We are not only located in Peoria, but our roots run deep through this region. To signify our dedication to propelling the lifeblood of Peoria we wanted to have a name that would nurture this culture.

Peoria was first known as the whiskey capital of the world. As Prohibition got into full swing Peoria began to lose the stature they had built on Whiskey. However, in 1925 The Holt Manufacturing Company and C. L. Best Tractor Co. merged to form the Caterpillar Tractor Co and named Peoria as their Head Quarters.

in 2017 Caterpillar announced that they were moving their HQ to Deerfield, right out of Chicago. This wasn't an apocalyptic event for Peoria. It was merely the ending of another chapter in the rich history of Peoria.

Whiskey Crawler Creative, LLC pays homage with a nod to what brought us to this point, as well as projecting what Peoria will be known for this century. Peoria has a rich and vibrant creative culture. One that is not only full of talent but Peoria also possess residents that appreciate and consume the art around them. This is why Peoria, IL will be the regional destination for creatives for decades to come.

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Our Leadership Team

Travis Platt

Travis Platt // Founder & Visionary

Travis M. Platt, the Founder, was born a Visionary. A hybrid between a creative and an analytical makes him a superpower in branding and design. His natural ability to be creatively strategic means he can see between the vertical walls of industry and create a strategy as unique as the brand it was built for. Travis’ passion for design and messaging fuels this force that is Whiskey Crawler Creative, your boutique creative agency.

Black and white photo of lily with short hair slightly looking away while smiling

Lily Scalf // Co-Founder & Vision Catalyst

Lily Scalf is the Vision Catalyst of Whiskey Crawler Creative. While Travis may fuel creativity, Lily is the driving force that makes it all come to life. Lily handles the day-to-day organization while elevating “personal branding” to a level only Lily could see. The day she purchased her first sewing machine, she knew she wanted to help others tell their story, but visually. Lily knows that a great story can be told without saying a word, and she sees people as her artistic canvas. In addition, Lily is driven by her need to inspire confidence and beauty through textiles, saying, “I design dreams, not clothes.” She is the head of Whiskey Crawler’s personal branding portfolio because her passion is capturing emotion and designing it into fashion so people can present their best selves to the world.

Our Creative Team

Anna Streeter

Anna Streeter // Vision Creator

Streeter is a multi-disciplinary designer from Atlanta, Georgia. Her facet for imagination brings out the life in every project and inspires her to run with the creative energy that was unearthed. When she’s not in the shop or music studio, she’s expanding on her craft of advertising and graphic design.

Justin Lane

Justin Lane // Vision Creator & Storyteller

Hi, I’m Justin. I’m a photographer as well as a lighting designer and DJ based in Central Illinois. Photography gives me the chance to travel to new places and meet the people that live there. My inspiration draws on their background, where they came from, where they’ve lived, etc. I enjoy capturing everyday life from the streets of Chicago to the Warehouse District of Peoria to small town USA.