We are Whiskey Crawler

The most substantial benefit to working with us has always been, us. The Whiskey Crawler Creative team is boldly unique. We achieve this not by creating a culture but by curating cultured individuals.


This isn't the 70's, and out-of-the-box thinking doesn't make sense. For us, Strategic Thinking means thinking creatively and doing what others aren't.


Do you know those people that seem to light up the room when they enter? The Whiskey Crawler team thrives on that kind of energy. This energy fuels creativity.


To us, creativity is more than having a Canva account. It is a passion that must be fed. So we drink coffee, create, build, and produce to survive.


We believe in individualism and embracing the full potential of every personality. We know that is when we reach the full potential of the creative and ideas.

“I am an entrepreneur with Muscular Dystrophy, but that never stopped me. If anything, it made me more creative by forcing me to live life differently.” – T. Platt

About The Position

The Peoria Nightlife

The Upside

For all the seriousness, this position is pretty laid back. The Marketing and Philanthropy worlds overlap, and as we say, 90% of the business is done after hours.

Galas and gatherings are a real perk if you enjoy food and beverage. However, the real potential lies with the opportunities in the connections that you will make. An outgoing and energetic person would excel in this role.

Work/School Balance

The Side Gig

The Assistant role is filled with both Part and Full-Time positions. While this is an excellent opportunity for someone looking for benefits and a full-time job in a creative environment, it is also perfect for students interested in gaining experience in different fields.

A flexible schedule makes it ideal for students. In addition to that, there is a generous amount of time available to complete schoolwork while Travis is completing his work.

This allows students to work more hours than traditionally possible while keeping up in school, making it a favorite for college students looking to get the most out of their college careers.

What is an

Assistant To The Founder

The Assistant To The Founder is a truly unique position. Although there is caregiving involved, it is unlike other caregiving positions. Our Founder is living with Muscular Dystrophy. However, he is very active and heavily involved with the community. To perform at his best, he must have a strong Number Two by his side.

Much like every position at Whiskey Crawler, current skills are secondary to attitude. Every skill can be trained, but the ambition to learn and grow cannot. An ideal candidate would be a content creator or individual interested in developing design and marketing skillsets while building their professional network.

This position is ideal for a hybrid between a creative and an extrovert. Travis is the visionary behind most of our client’s communication strategies and the primary point of contact for accounts. As a result, keeping up with and capturing the day-to-day workflow is never routine.

If a solid routine is your thing, this might not be. However, if you find yourself craving something more exciting or wishing you could express your creativity while doing something meaningful, this might be your thing.

This is me, I'm In!
Caregiving Overview
  • Assistance With Daily Life
  • Food / Drink
  • Restroom Assistance
  • Transportation
  • Light Trache Care
  • Takes Instruction Well
  • Willingness To Learn
  • Reliable
  • Responsible 
  • Caring
Number Two Overview
  • Note Taking
  • Photography 
  • Content Creation
  • Accompanying To Meetings
  • Organization
  • Professional Appearance  
  • Familiar With Instagram 
  • TikTok Is A Plus
  • Interest In Youtube
  • Proficient Typing Skills

What Previous Assistants Have Said

“I knew I wanted to leave my career at the airline for something more stable. At the time, I didn't know what I was looking for but I never thought it would have been this.

I am so glad that I pushed through my trepidations and accepted the role of Travis' Number Two. Not only did I make a life long friendship, but I learned so much about marketing and business along the way.”

HayleyHospitality Management

“I was fortunate enough to accept a role as one of Travis' assistants while I was finishing my bachelor's degree. I had no idea what to expect going in on my first day, but it turned out to be the perfect job for me while in school. Some days I was able to work on homework; other days, we went and got tacos and watched movies. Travis's easy-going and industrious attitude makes for a great work relationship.

As one of Travis' caregivers, I felt fulfillment each day I went in for work. This job isn't a job just to go help Travis with his tasks, but it's an opportunity to form a new friendship that's sure to last a lifetime.”


“Working with Travis allowed me the opportunity to make extra money without interfering with course work. Because of thisI was able to graduate with my Master's Degree debt free.

“Travis was so fun to work with and I am thankful for the friendship we developed as result.

It is evident that Travis truly cares about his PA’s because he was always very kind, and also not afraid to offer constructive feedback so I could grow in this position.
10/10 would recommend.”

SarahGraduate Student - University of Illinois

“I started taking care of Travis during my senior year in high school. This type of caregiving job in itself was very rewarding, but it turned out to be so much more.

I'm not sure that I recognized it at the time, but I know it prepared me for life more than the entry-level jobs that my friends had.

I still call Travis a friend and I have witnessed many of the ladies who have worked for Travis. I believe a lot of them went farther in life for having accepted this opportunity.”

AshleeHR Recruiter - Caterpillar

Have A Few Questions?

Do I need Caregiving experience or a certification?

No to both. Caregiving is only 20% of the job, the other 80% is being an awesome human. We can train the caregiving part.

What is the typical work day like?

This is probably the most frequently asked question, and yet, it is still hard to answer. Travis is very active in business and the community. This role will take you many places to meet many people, but there is also a lot of downtime in the studio while he works. No day is exactly alike.

I've never thought of myself as a caregiver, should I still apply?

There is a difference between never thinking of being a caregiver and never wanting to be a caregiver. This position is A-Typical, so if it sounds interesting to you, let’s chat about it.

This sounds like a great job, but I'll be graduating next year. Should I apply even if I know I'll be leaving?

Of course! At any given time, half of the assistants are students. We love to hire people that are currently building skills that turn into a career, and you never know we may make you an offer you cannot refuse.

Are there opportunities for advancement?

Always. When we meet someone with a passion to create, we will do anything to see them prosper inside our agency.

How much would I make, and are there benefits?

Currently the position pays $16/hr with healthcare benefits at full time status.


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